Trakia Bed&Breakfast
30, Nikolay Gogol Str.
+359 888 897 321
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Trakia Guesthouse staff

Trakia Guesthouse is owned and operated by Teodora who is a certified mountain guide, hiker and a backpacker herself. She is a people person and knows what a person needs outside his/her country and it is not only accommodation.

In Sofia there are a plenty of things to be seen and discovered.
Depends on how you like to explore other countries: to sit in a bar, go shopping, go in the streets, look at people, hear history stories or legends, visit museums, go to monasteries or mountains. To see and experience all this with a local and a backpacker Teodora will give you a different and unique experience.

Vitosha mountain is located near Sofia and is not very high (2290 meters), but there are many hidden paths, woods, lakes to be seen. There you can also go skiing, paragliding and of course hiking.

If you want to know what to do in Sofia and the surrounding areas, please, ask Teodora.

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DSK Bank
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